January 28, 2010
By slizzzurp SILVER, Park City, Utah
slizzzurp SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Why do I long for you?
I try to forget, and then you come back.
And when I think about you,
you never appear.

What am I supposed to do?
I can’t follow my heart,
you keep destroying my head.

I try to forget,
and finally,
you are gone.

I quit,
and now I am sober.
It feels so good.

Just as I get my life going,
without you.

You come right back,
as if I threw a boomarang so far,
I thought it was gone.

Even days later,
it comes right back to me,
like it was supposed to.

I don’t want it back.
I don’t want this boomerang
to do what it is supposed it.

It needs to disappear.

The only way for it to do that?

The boomerang has to break.
It must be destroyed.

It hurts,
to even try to break it.
Not physically,
but mentally.

I don’t want you to go.
Please, don’t.

But is it for the best?
Is it best for us to part,
and continue on with our lives?

Most likely.

You don’t care if we are friends or not,
or at least,
I think.

Though, I care.
It always comes back to me.

Comes to me to decide
if we should be friends.
Comes back to me,
if we should do this,
or that.

Maybe I like it.
Maybe all we talk about,
is you.
And your problems.

That’s ok with me.
Because you at least talk to me,

When I try to speak,
you retort.

You don’t listen to me,
like I listen to you.

You either give me,
amazing advice,
or horribly rude advice.

I don’t know what I think anymore,
I don’t understand why I need this boomerang,
Why I won’t break it.
Somehow, why it won’t go away.

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