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January 28, 2010
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as im sitting here with one of my best friends crying on my shoulder about how she feels about the hole breakup with her boyfriend... her first "true love" wondering what i could possibly say to make her feel better?.....

i try to ease her pain with by telling her about my life... and thats when you and i come to mind i tell her about how me met, about how you bet all the time that no guy could ever love me the way you did...
(she stoped crying and lessened)
"the first few months were awesome all i wanted to do is be in his arms..."
then i told her about when everything changed and not for the better....
" i think it was our 3rd month being together ...we were in Computers and he was loking through his phone i glanced down and saw a picture of one of his ex-es... the type of picture no girfriend would ever want to see on her boyfriends phone... she was beautiful made me feel so ugly..."

my eyes stared to water but i knew it could help her and help get it off of my mind.
" well i was in tears and i looked up at him he saw me look at his phone... he tried to make an excuse but i knew he was lie-ing.... i turned my head in shame and i couldn't help but cry he kept asking me what was wrong? he had no idea why, as soon as the bell rang i ran out the door him not far behind me when he caught me i fell to the floor i couldn't believe what had just happened ...was i not good enough....did i not give him all i could give could he do this to me..."
then she asked me what happened next.? i hesatated on telling her the rest....
i asked him "Why?"
you said " baby im so sorry,you had just got it and were about to delete it"..., but thats when i interrupted you...
"how could you? how could you do this to me...?"

i couldn't tell her what happened next because i was balling by now.
she said "hunny, you can just forget the rest for now, you helped me with something today you know that right ? you helped me.... thanks now i know what to go and say to him thanks"

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