Of Words

January 27, 2010
By hottamally113 SILVER, Catonsville, Ohio
hottamally113 SILVER, Catonsville, Ohio
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If words were my first love,
Then surely you’re my second.

Words cannot hurt me
The way an older brother could
They could sting
But you could never remember them exactly
And so these words
And their magical powers of synonyms
And rhymes
And definitions
Held my captive eye
Like an incessant mosquito
On a hazy summer afternoon
They don’t leave me alone
Until they are captured for eternity on the paper

You could hurt me
My feeble heart was always within your capable hands
You could kill me
And so I cheated
On you
With my words
I told them stories of the things
That you told me
I made them beautiful
I made life beautiful
So that when you went back on your word
I’d have it.
In my words.
Don’t kid yourself
It was only a matter of time

If words were my first love,
Than you’re surely my second…

The author's comments:
The beauty in my life comes from words. Without them I don't think I could have managed. I compared my love for words to my love for a boy... I like what became of it.

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