This city doesn't know both of us.

January 27, 2010
By Sing_For_Me BRONZE, Oakdale, Minnesota
Sing_For_Me BRONZE, Oakdale, Minnesota
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You're staring into the night sky, trying to count all of the stars and meteors that fall from the heights of the heavens above, while I lie on the cement and count the petals on my dying roses. This city doesn't know you,
doesn't know me,
doesn't know us,
but it feels like we're trapped here with eyes watching from every corner.

I saw you standing under the street lamp with your hands in your pockets and your hair shielding your eyes from the harsh light of the midnight moon.
I walked to you,
placed my palms on your cheeks,
and counted the seconds that it took you to breathe.
We killed the lights,
burned out bulbs,
shattered windows and shattered souls.

Eyes gleamed in broken window glass as we walked through the city, heads held low and our pride diminishing from its peak to it minimum. You used to smile with the crescent moon when it rose from the Earth's surface, and we used to hide away from the sun when it's harsh light would make the moon fall from grace.

I kept your heart in my pocket, and you kept mine in your chest as we both committed social suicides in the heart of the city, people staring at us like they knew us, but we both knew better. No one knew us,
no one would know us,
no one could understand us.

We would stare into the mirrors on our souls
into what we believed was a fairy tale that turned into a reality
I remember that these people, the ones we knew, weren't friends but were only lovers to us.
They never held any significance in our broken facades
and even they wouldn't know what to do if they faced the things we did together.
I just never got the chance to tell you that you had stolen my heart and my breath.

Too many memories now lie buried under the cement's smooth surface
too many days go by where I can't remember who I am
Who you were
Who we were
Who they were...
Who we pretended to be before my eyes finally opened from this never ending dream.

Maybe there is something beyond, maybe not. All I know is that this city didn't know either of us like it thought it did.

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