cycle down

January 27, 2010
By , Olla, LA
He says "I love you baby."
And she's believing him,
In fact she replies "I heart you too"
More than he will ever know
Who needs another love?

He says "I hate you"
And she's begining to believe him.
But still she whispers "I'll always love you."
More than he'll ever know.
Its first love, thought it was true love, now thrown away
Why did he need another love?

She writes love in her arms
Watching as the blood drips down
Thinking of him
And his new girl
Walking hand in hand
As she hears something so fimiliar

He says "I love you baby"
She appears to believe him
In fact she replies "I heart you too"
One day she'll know too
Its not true love, its a false love
He'll always need another love.

He says "I love you baby. I'm sorry"
But she doesn't believe him, she can't
In fact she says "Im in love and not with you"
Someone understands her, her past, her love
And will never need another love

She'll never write love on her arm
Or watch her blood drip to the ground
She won't worry about him
His other girl has moved on too
Their lessons are learned
And the cycle is brought down

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