through the looking glass

January 27, 2010
maybe i've made some defective decisions,
& maybe those decisions are going to always be extant in the back of my mind,
haunting me for the rest of my existence .
they say mistakes make us stronger; wiser .
but what happens when you've misplaced who you were before?

when all you want is to go back
but by the time you grasp this, it's much too late .
what's done is already concluded .

remembering glimpses in the days gone by .

looking in the mirror, my reflection stares back .
the girl before me is truly beautiful, but her eyes have
a look of loss,
a look of sorrow,
a look of regret.
i don't know who she is, but most of the time i'm left with wishing i did .
maybe then i could understand .
but all i know, is that it's not who i am .
the only thing is - is that no one else knows it - like i do .

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