as i sit there my mind starts to wonder....

January 27, 2010
By lil_Miz_Mee:) SILVER, Breckenridge, Texas
lil_Miz_Mee:) SILVER, Breckenridge, Texas
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if u love him with all of your might will he still be the one to catch u??

do what your heart tells you to do,but always be thinking with your mind"

you will always have HATERZ though out life because they are the ones jelouse bc thy're not you!

as i sit here all alone my mind starts to wonder into the depth's of love...
as i sit here and wonder how he can be so obliviouse to the feelings and the dreams my mind has made up...
could he be worthy to hold my heart in his palms or would he just set it down...?
The bell rings im almost out of time i hope i wish....
who could figure out this type of guy?
1st i think he is the faithfull type.
2nd do i really belive in love at first sight?
3rd i thought he could tell if i was flirting?? i mean grabbing his and i start to blush... writing him telling him he's the one i've dreampt of?? ....
NOW.... ringgg ringgg as i sat there all alone my mind starts to wonder into the depths of love.....

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