Pain Kept

January 27, 2010
She keeps,
All of her pain,
Inside of her,
Never letting it show.

Only letting it go,
At home,
Her nightly ritual,
Always been the same,
Way of letting,
All the pain go.

She takes the silver blade,
Puts it to her long, tan, leg.
Thinks about,
All of her pain,
As she makes the gash.

She never wanted to die,
That night at home,
When they left,
Left her all alone.

One accidental slip,
Of the blade,
And all of her blood,
Flowed from her long, tan, leg,
Never stopping,
Until, it had all gone.

The scene that they found,
A beautiful girl,
A gash in her leg,
Lying in a pool,
Of blood,
A blade enclosed,
In her hand,
Her escape,
Of the world.

No one knew,
What had happened,
At school, that day.
Her pain from school,
Exceeds all else.

No one knew that
Because he said,
“Why would anyone,
Want you?”

And, the phone rang,
As she pulled the blade,
Because the phone rang,
She made and accidental slip.

She died,
That night,
All alone,
Because of one,
Little, accidental,

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