Human Dolls

January 27, 2010
Their eyes wild and scared take in their surroundings.
Their lips stuck forever in a peaceful smile.
Their bodies warm, but not moving.
They are dolls,
Toys for me to play with.
I set them up the way I want,
They stay exactly the way I put them.
Today a tea party,
Tomorrow a birthday party,
But these dolls
Are people living and alive,
But stuck for now not being able move,
They can see hear and feel,
But cannot move a muscle not even a little.
Dishes fall to the floor,
Wait is one moving,
Did the drugs stop working?
“Don’t leave me” she whispers to the doll.
How can she when she is drugged?
The door crashes in,
Men in dark blue uniforms swarm in,
Don’t take them,
Don’t take my dolls from me,
They special to me,
I need them,
Just as they need me,
“Miss I have your dolls,
Do you want them?”
I nod my head silently,
The man holds out a trunk,
I walk forward slowly and open the trunk,
My dolls are inside, safe and sound,
I can hear them crying out to me,
“Can you go with these men?
They won’t take your dolls,
No one will ever again,
I promise.”

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