January 27, 2010
I’ve never known loneliness
Never felt pain
I’ve never held sorrow
Until this day
The night of our love
So quickly fades
The morning of darkness

I can never show you
How sorry I am
Anything I’d do
Would hurt you again.
I’m hopeless, faithless, worthless
Searching for something
To hold onto.

Please don’t forget me,
Swear that you won’t!
Keep me in your memory,
I’ll die if you don’t.
You can never trust me again
I want desperately to be friends
Just to touch you, see you smiling
Even if for her…you are happy.

You must understand there is heartache inside
But hurt me, please, if it makes you alive!
Anything you can do to fix my wrongs
Will ease this living death that throngs
Around my heart, my soul, my eyes
Keeping me from life…
I cannot think of anything else
But how I destroyed you and I.

I thought that everything else was better
Now I see, that’s all I wanted!
The only way to understand
was to need what cannot be had.
Though the pain sometimes is making
Me feel like every bone is breaking
I know what I put you through,
To go through hell, I would for you.

For you…for you. It’s all for you
And yet, in her eyes, I’m merely sin
A ruined figment of your mind
That never will be held again.
I know you love her, I know you do!
I’m praying that someday you’ll see
How much I love you too.

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