Autumn Girl

January 26, 2010
She's an autumn day

Without her
my trees are bare,
or just one shade
of lonely green.

Without her,
just like the trees,
I can't show my true self.
Vibrant, radiant, wild.

We always have fun together,
just how a swing in a deserted playground
still manages to sway in the slightest of wind.

Her eyes are a lighthouse's radiant lights,
calling out to ships lost in the waters,
glimmering on a deep, dark ocean.

Her hair is like the glittering
auburn sap
glistening in the sunlight
on a white oak tree.

When I'm sad,
wet with tears
like cement after rain,
she is the sun
burning down, drying me
and lighting my life.

Without her,
I would still be
lost in this world,
with friends who stab my back
like murders in the night,
with no one to keep my secrets safe,
like a bee guarding it's sweet, sweet honey.

She is autumn.
She is the ocean.
She is the sap on an oak tree.
She is the sunshine after a rainy day.
She is the bee keeping my secrets safe.

She is my best friend.

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