Is Ago Solvo

January 26, 2010
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He lived free,
He lived happy,
He lived peacefully.

Times have changed,
Times have past,
Times have begun.

A new era of sadness,
Will sweep the nation,
Of a ounce great people.

Never let those who you love,
Fall from your mind,
Or your grasp.

Never let fears be born from fatigues,
Or let sadness be born from fears.

Grasp on to what you have,
And try to never let go,
As you will always loose it in the end.

A many great people,
have been brought forth to defend your freedom,
And you shall always be thankful.

That those whom rise up,
Will never lay down,
Until every single last man is dead.

Keep focused on your own path,
Never let anyone control whom you wish to be,
As they will be the downfall of a great many people.

A great nation will fall from inside,
As moral values cease to exist,
So grasp on to your morals and never forget them.

A great people will die,
Fighting for those without morals,
Just to live another free day.

Others will believe us to be the biggest hiccup in history,
Yet God will believe us to be the one and last truly free people,
And he will save us all.

God knows man is cruel,
He knows man cannot treat others as equal,
Yet he knows we where strong enough to fight those who opposed.

God gives freedom fighters eternal life,
As they have the heroism,
To stand and fight against these cruel people.

He also knows,
That cruel minded people,
Outnumber those who wish to be equal.

He knows our fight will fail,
Yet he will support us forever in heaven,
As he knows we are the ones who believe in him and equality for all people.

We are forever bound to failure,
Yet God ensures those who fight for him and his way,
Will always be forever faithful to those that they protected.

He ensures that a great people will not vanish from this earth,
That we will not lose our equality without a fight,
As we are fighting for our right to live against those who wish to destroy us!

We are always,
Forever faithful,
To Freedom and all its Glory.

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