where is he

January 26, 2010
By Anonymous

does he not know
All my life I looked up to him
He Got Me Through
And rainbows
And English class
And friend drama
He has been a best friend and boyfriend and an enemy and everything in between
He was the only person who knew me
Does he not know that I know
What he does effects me every day
I love him
he Was my best friend
I don’t want to see him suffer
Does he not know that I know what he’s doing
Does he not know how much everyone around him cares
Does he not know that I walk beside him
Every day as he walks through the halls
Does he not see that I’m there
like he was there for me
Why can’t he see
Why am I invisible now
What changed
I didn’t want this to change
Change is what’s bringing him down
This change
This stupid decision of his is what’s pulling me down

The author's comments:
i love him and as he struggles with drugs i struggle with loosing him.

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