Where Were You Yesterday?

January 26, 2010
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Where do you think I was?
Obviously not here.
Maybe I was…

In Canada,

Or Mexico,

Or Austria,

Or New Zealand,
Does it really matter?
Now leave me alone
You little…!

I was at home,
Strep throat.
Next time I’ll make sure
To come in and cough
All over you
And all over your stuff
And all over everything.
Or… you could… just…
You little…

With your mom.
I was with your mom yesterday.
That’s right,
While you here, “learning,”
I was at your house,
With your mom,
In your room.
Nice Star Wars sheets
By the way.
Seriously though,
Just leave me alone
You little…

Don’t worry about it
I’ll worry about me
And you,
Can worry about you
Why do you wanna know anyway?
Is it gonna change your life
If I tell you were I was?
Do you even care?
Didn’t think so.
So if you wouldn’t mind…
I’d appreciate it if you’d just
Leave me alone now
You little…

You know you don’t even want
An answer… So why bother asking?
So just drop it and leave me alone,
You little…

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