A Hevanly Fall

January 26, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm dressed in a silk white gown,
My skin painted pale and my lips are half a smile, half a frown.

I feel the wind rip at me,
Pearing over the rocks I can see,
The ocean waves collide into a rocky wall,
While cold rain drops begin to fall.

I begin to spread my arms in the sky,
Feeling as if I'll grow wings and fly.
"Take me away,"
I whisper to the wind and pray.

I close my tired-black eyes,
Count to three, jump and sigh,
I slowly fall down to the roaring waves,
While bats and birds chirp in the black caves.

I can't even breath,
I don't even try,
To yell out for help,
Not even a cry.

The feeling of falling, crashing and sinking,
While all the while; never thinking.

The ice cold salty water pierced my skin,
Making my heart stop within.

My eyes burn in the salty waters,
Really nothing matters.

I sink slowly to the ground,
Watching bubbles flow up and around.
Down, down, down,
The cold grows,
No one knows,
That the cold had frozen me completly,
Can't move, breath, think, feeling sickly.

I finally lay flat on the sandy bottom,
Remembering my last Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn.

I barely get my toes to wiggle,
I carefully dig them into the sand and kind of giggle.

How can death be so peaceful and happy?
At least no one saw me, I don't want to see them all sappy.

I look up at the very top of the ocean shore,
I could barely see the Sun's burning core.

I finally begin to feel my heart come to a stop,
Watching different colors appear up top.

Slowly lulling me to sleep,
The sand for which I am sinking in deep.

How peaceful it be,
For now I am free,
Cares no more,
Hevan galore.

But now it's all just a dream,
For strange I may seem.
Waking up was not planned,
Oh, how it was grand.
For I could see and feel,
Something so real,
But all pretend,
In the very end.

The author's comments:
I had a dream about jumping off a huge clift and into a huge ocean. Everything was so peaceful and relaxing. It seemed like I was the only one standing on Earth. Everything seemed in slow motion. And when I jumped, it almost felt like angels had lifted me up and into the water; slowly falling and crashing into the water.
Yes, I know, it may seem strange, but it all seemed like perfection. Like the perfect way to die.
Go ahead and laugh, because I laughed, too.

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