Run Away

January 26, 2010
By , lexington, MA
Run away
Run far away
Grasp my finger tightly,
Gently take my hand
And run away with me.

I will lead you
I will be your guide
Through thorny brush
And sweltering sun
Closely follow me.

Your hands soiled with mud
Your hair unwashed and spent
Come to the sea with me,
Watch as I cleanse you
And you will be thankful.

Then we’ll look into the sky
I will point to the seabird
And say it is yours.
Protect and watch it
As I protect you.

I’ll walk out onto the water
You say you’ll sink
And I’ll say why,
And you place first your timid toe
On a wave and float.

Your ankles grow weary
And your heals are bleeding.
As you turn around
I take your hand
And the sea turns calm.

The sun is dipping
As we gaze into the sky
And you embrace me
With highest joy
And I say it is time.

You stand and you step
You gallop and leap
Running away, far away
To the same place
Without pain.

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