January 26, 2010
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Blind and bound never to be found,
Cause whenever it comes around
It just feels like it goes back down
Forget who you are besides the clown
Besides the man you trying to be
Besides the person you see
Besides the next version of what you’re to be
Besides the conversion of what I see, into what is me
So guess the question is who I am supposed to be,
Cause when proposed the question seems so easy
But as you look close the perfection seems so hard to see
So what is me, what am I, other than a lie
Or the possibility that this untruthfulness
This is just who I am and nothing less
But if you’re a lie then you’d lie to your face
Which means, when I come by to figure the lie, it’s not the case
Cause if I lie to myself, then when I say I’m a lie then it must mean something else,
Wait that can’t be true, cause if I lied to myself for being a lie then that’s the truth,
Contradictions again, I wish it was something new but I guess there’s nothing else to do
Lost in my mind trying to figure who
Im supposed to be, what I’m supposed to see, and what’s supposed to set me free.

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