January 26, 2010
By nathesh02 BRONZE, Spring, Texas
nathesh02 BRONZE, Spring, Texas
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I sit in the tranquility of nature,
I gradually with placidity close my eyes,
Taking a deep breath,
I free my heart to savor the moment,
The moment of peace.

The birds tweet the melody of warmth,
The birds are merry for nature,
I paint the bird from their mating calls,
and I smell,
the smell of soft sweet mellow drops of rain.
I paint the cyan radiating from their bodies,
The vermilion beak pursed staring with great perception.

A roaring tiger awakens,
The prince of the jungle,
Is free from the shackles of humans,
I visualize the conglomerate hues of this endangered Bengal Tiger,
The opulent coral intermixed with waxed black.
The mother with juvenile cub,
Wander the jungle for food.

The slender yet firm limbs of the deer,
Dashes past me with lightning speed.
The cogent breeze gently brushes my skin.
I conjecture the silver dabs amid inky verdant of this swift deer.

The briskest of its kind.
The minute yet boisterous dragonfly buzzes by,
Moving with the tune of this ancient and sagacious forest,
Bumbling merrily.
This minute fly cling to life amidst these colossal creatures.

Now the chase begins,
Between the peaceful rapid deer and belligerent clamorous tiger
The swift deer zips past the trees with lightening speed trying to cheat death once again,
From behind comes tremulous and heavy tiger keeping pace with this deer.
The dried leaves toss into the air dancing with wind and force of these beasts
The chirps, yelps, and all noise stops as this sense unfolds
A battle.
The magnificent utters a scream of loss.
The swift soft deer within seconds escapes the grasps of tiger.

I slowly, yet with flawlessly open my fatigued eyes.
Another day midst these exceptional beasts.

The author's comments:
This is the amazing nature. The beauty of nature

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