What happened to the person I knew?

January 26, 2010
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No longer the person I know

Quiet, tender, emotional

The aspects that make you who you are

What happened to that person?

Why did she disappear?

Crushed dreams? Broken heart? Shattered faith?

Maybe a good combination of it all?

She used to be open to her emotions

She didnt deny anything she felt

Her heart was her one and only guide

She fought her way to the top

She climbed the mountain on her own

But reality hit her and when it did it sent her tumbling to the ground

She realized that her life was based on lies and she was seeing only what people wanted her to.

The most importan people in her life was letting her down and dissappointing her

As her world came crashing down so did she

She caught herself doing things she was totally against

Losing her dignity, respect, will power

Nothing mattered but protecting herself from a harsh reality

She has been used, lied to, kicked to the side

Her heart couldnt take it anymore

A wall formed that seems to be indestructable

Things that bothered her no longer get under her skin

The people she cares about no longer hurt her

No one can get through this shield she has created to block the world out

She feels nothing or atleast thats what she makes herself believe

She is not happy within herself but the world would never know that

Struggling to go back to the girl of the past

She is no longer the person I knew

Her life has made her into the person she is today

Will she ever discover herself again?

When will she pull through the obstacles and get off her knees and back up on her feet?

Love put her in this position and maybe one day love will get her out

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