January 26, 2010
By littlemarysunshine BRONZE, Chula Vista, California
littlemarysunshine BRONZE, Chula Vista, California
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"Be free. Be whoever you are, do whatever you want to do. Just as long as you don't hurt anybody." -Hair (Broadway musical)

The flower blooms
budding and fresh,
the beginnings of something new
something beautiful.
It's colors mesmerizing,
scent calming and untouched
as though it will stay young
for an eternity.
Soon however, the petals will wilt,
the stem will weaken
and break.
Our once lovely flower has passed
it's petals black
it's stem split in two
the scent now stale and old.
No longer the symbol of livid youth
but the beacon
of declining being.

The author's comments:
Just a little drabble I wrote for a class assignment. It examines a typical relationship in it's prime, as well as it's decline.

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