Dark and Quiet

January 26, 2010
It's loud and depressing and so much is expected.
I want to disappear and never to be found.
This world is a big place,
but when you taunt me..
It's not big enough for the both of us.
So here i go..
Off this place.
Where I don't know.
Hopefully not to hell.
But I've done too much wrong
For Heaven.
But God if you hear me.
Don't try to help me.
My sins are too much.
My heart too tempered with.
This pain would break you.
So much loneliness.
So much crying involved.
This poor soul
they say.
Dark and quiet
My heart bursts from the pain.
I'm free.
I feel no more.
Now your alone.
Be happy..
I'm gone.
No more worrying about being bothered.
No more wondering about me.
Go your own way.
And don't enter the Dark.
And don't feel the Quiet.
Cause I'm their.
And I'll make you pay.

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