Single Snowflake

January 26, 2010
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A single snowflake
Dancing in the sky,
A single snowflake
Asleep on the back of the wind.
It might have twirled atop Mt. Everest,
Or assisted in building a shelter
For an Eskimo’s warm rest.
It might have experienced the Great Wall of China,
Or helped in the defeat
Of an Alaskan oil miner.
It might have spent the night on a piece of Maine’s produce
Or maybe it voyaged on the back
Of a great North American Moose.
It might have once melted on the tongue of a Polar Bear,
Or maybe it’s all that’s left of a penguin’s previous lair
Before it vanished in the heat,
Or it might have once slashed down on
A vulnerable village’s streets.
Perhaps it landed one chilly night on a soldier’s dagger hilt,
Or it might have played a part
In the snowman a child once built.
It also might have helped to cause a thin branch to break,
Or assisted in the freezing over of a wide, blue lake.
When thinking of all of the journeys in a lifetime one may take,
They would never come close to comparing to those of a single snowflake.

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