Four Souls

January 26, 2010
I invite you to see the magician.
His hand are the fastest,
Too quick for even my vision.
No remorse, no hesitation,
He gives up his life,
To pursue his right brained fable.
White gloves dance against a black hat,
As he saves a simple mind from boredom.

I invite you to watch the artist.
Her brush stains the paper,
Destroying reality,
Illustrating a dream,
Choking for air,
Weeping melancholy,
Too many nightmares gone wrong.
Her colors slide, as her heart breaks.

I invite you to debate with the cynic.
He screams and fights,
Beating you down,
Destroying his own soul.
Begging to be saved,
As he consumes his entity.

I invite you to weep with the worrier.
She can dream about a haven,
But her bones ache.
So she sighs,
And groans,
And cries,
About what went wrong,
About who couldn’t be saved.

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