Spirits will Fall

January 26, 2010
Fire burned
glass shattered

women scream

Looking up

seeing loved ones

holding hands

as they jump

Tears flying as they leave their eyes

the fires behind them

Cement below them

no hope

at least its better than


Two towers
twin towers

two planes

twin planes

they crash

the world forever changed

Mommy wouldn’t let me see

teacher ended the madness in our minds

she tries to teach us

trying to block out what’s happening miles away

tears cloud her eyes

“please stay innocent”

What’s wrong mommy?

Fire burned

fling knives into the

hearts of every american

Please stop
...please stop


We will stop acting

but the fire will keep burning

when its done feeding

off metal, structure and emotions

the spirits will fall

those who survived
have been spewed with depris

You thought you were safe

We made you fear

We have finished our deed

Now every time you
Every time your close to death

or in suffering

You will call the date

that we pierced your souls

that we made you remember

Dial it,

you will feel the feeling of unknowing children

the plead of the wives whose families have cracked

the crying of america
Dial it,

Dial 9.1.1

We will be there in your memories

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