The Unnoticed Dreamer

January 26, 2010
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Here we are hand in hand standing in the moonlight
As I look into your eye this feeling I can't fight
When you start to make your move and the stars begin to gleam
I hear my mother yelling and realize it was just a dream

I should have known it wasn't real because its plain to see
No matter how hard I try you will never notice me
Because I'm not the prettiest or even that smart
But how I wish to show you whats in my heart

Still I'm to shy to tell you how much I really care
To afriad of rejection for my fellings to want to share
I don't want to risk the pain so I won't take the chance
I will just wait and in my dreams your image will continue to dance

And as I sit back and hope for you to see
In my heart I know you will never notice me.

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