To Never Love A Soldier

January 26, 2010
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She has reached a new conclusion,
As he says, “I’m going to be a soldier”
He says she can’t protect him.
He makes no intention of him being fine.
He’s protecting those he loves,
But without him,
Love is trapped in time.
He’ll never see her cry,
But he’ll also never understand,
How she feels inside.
The pain of feeling it,
So real,
And actually there,
One day,
He’ll leave,
To protect,
Or to find,
Those he’ll care for, till the end of his line.
The flag is cloth.
The paper of fifty signatures,
Is worth his life?
Isn’t it old, yet alive?
So many already though,
Have lost their lives
To protecting these things,
Materials, rotted over time.
The U.S. Constitution,
A July declaration,
A flag, of red, of white and blue,
That represents this nation.
Of fighters, and givers,
All so willing to…
To die in the field, or in the air,
Telling us they’ll be alright.
So tell me this,
Must I sit with out a fight?
To watch him go,
“Wanting” to end his life?
A soldier I guess,
But willing, wanting to die,
For all those he loves,
And all those he hates,
For all of the material things, I’ve listed above.
Is it worth the risks he’ll take?
Point of view,
Of pain,
Now resume,
After hearing this,
Believe me,
You’ll probably forget.
This problem pertains
Nothing to you,
Nothing at all that you might have gained.
Perhaps a peek into,
The thoughts,
Of a heart,
That slowly rots,
Of a girl that has been taught,
To never love a boy,
If he intends, to be a soldier.

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