Half-Sick of Shadows

January 26, 2010
By NickSchell GOLD, Hershey, Pennsylvania
NickSchell GOLD, Hershey, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Beware, so that his shadow cannot burden your sleep with horrible nightmares." - Nosferatu, 1922

Rain falls on dusty pane
reflected on her, clothed in plain
She spins her wheel and sighs in grief
at her life that's destined to be brief

Through mirrored glass she sees a knight
on handsome horse, a deadly sight
Her prison tower casts its form
across the roads, now mixed in storm

Her dreams of trees and waves to feel
will take her days and Death will steal
her life imprisoned behind locked doors
and her need to walk forbidden shores

Her mirror cracks and she knows its near
The curse she was promised is finally here
She cloaks herself and escapes her dorm
Outside, she feels her first and last storm

The chain is broken on her wooden boat
She climbs in and begins to float
toward Camelot, she does not reach
for her veins constrict before the beach

Her frozen blood and cold, shut eyes
prove outside would bring her demise
and as her boat and body drift
the people stare at their washed up gift

The knight, he sighs and falls to kneel
"what beauty, so unlike surreal"
Wasted days were all she knew
the days she had were very few

This maiden here, dressed so in plain
a curse, no person could explain
A life lived lonely, a filthy relief
her days always destined to be brief

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