Who is She?

January 25, 2010
By , Phoenix, AZ
I can be happy one moment
a total b**** the next
I don't know whats wrong with me
My mood swings are out of control
I am scared of myself
I will look in the mirror and see two different personalities in one person
Its slowly and surely take over my body
I am losing control, every step I take changes
I lose the hop I had in it
Everyday I am closer to becoming a zombie
Cutting herself off of all emotion
Except anger seems to seethe from all aspect of her life
She is losing control from the emotion overload
Trying to cut herself off, but she knows
Nothing can change what she has done
Or will do
But she is scared more than ever
That one day she will never be able to express anything
Becoming a true zombie
A true heartless b****

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