Stars that watch and hands that hold

January 25, 2010
Look at the stars,
Shining pinpoints of heaven’s light,
Slipping through the blanket sky.

Look at the clouds,
Tendrils of smoke from grandfather sky’s pipe,
As he stretches out with father time.

Look at the trees,
Ancient wonders standing proud through the years,
Watching the same scenes played out through generations.

Look at our skin,
As different and individual as snowflakes
With colors spanning every shade.

Look at the stars,
Our hope that we look to each night,
And all share throughout the world.

Look at the clouds,
Blown above our lands here to there,
To bring us recycled rain.

Look at our tress,
Trees that watch over all the world,
And wonder why people fight wars.

Look at our earth,
Here for all and not for one,
Here to share, to save, and to love.

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