An Ode to Teenage Abandonment

January 25, 2010
By Anonymous

"You're not who I thought you were,
Not what I expected you to be."
The familiar feeling
Of disappointment
Settling in her chest,
The way dust settles on fine china
And over time it becomes as familiar
As a million imagined conversations
That would never happen
And clothes that never look right
As plans abandoned for better things
Her abandoned for better things
As familiar as boys who are all the same
And only want one thing, no matter what they tell her
As parents that are always conveniently absent
If not physically, then emotionally
And watching movies that make her feel so alone
While her best friend makes out with the boy next to her.
It all becomes so familiar that one day,
She will have lost all desire to dust off the feeling of disappointment
And the fine china will no longer be able to shine through.

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