Nothing can last forever

January 25, 2010
The twinkling lights blur through the frosted windows,
as I peer out into the snow covered streets.
As I come back to reality, I hear the humming of the carolers
that I’ve grown up with, I smile at the familiarity.
I breathe in the smell of the tree, head towards the main room,
and open my eyes to the ones I love most.
The piano begins to play, starting softly,
while I open my mouth and give my first gift.
When the night ends I curl up by the fire with my love,
i’ve never been happier in other any moment.
I wake up the next morning, alone and cold, Christmas is over.
Looking over at the fireplace I notice a note,
it has taken the place of the cookies from the night before.
As I read, I weep at the words in front of me;
“Nothing can last forever.”

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