January 25, 2010
Every second I feel you near me

My eyes water

My mouth goes dry

I feel my hands start to sweat

The pit of my stomach aches

For the slightest breeze

Of your delicate frame

The mere thought of your gentle touch

Makes every molecule I have

Churn out joy and love

Until I seep out ecstasy

Leaving my insides with a lack of moisture

I get an overwhelming sense of belonging

In your world

When our fingers make the first contact

The thrashing of my butterflies

Is only a small factor

When your lips quiver against mine

The explosive levels of my heart

Are barely a reaction

When you whisper to me

Those three words

This love is like no other

We need no clocks

No calendars

No seasons

What we have is eternal

Much like time in that way


With no reason to ever stop

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