A Bear With Two Children

January 24, 2010
By nlabeasteh BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
nlabeasteh BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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She snuggles and kisses, she yells and screams
She smiles and laughs, she burns hot with anger
She is devoted to her children
Willing to do anything for their protection
She helps lead us across the narrow bridge
100 feet above the ground
1000 miles long
We’re scared as hell, but she urges us on
Floorboards creak, it sways back and forth
Like a baby being cradled
When we stop, or have feelings of turning back
She still shoves us forward
We cry, she comforts us
Holds us in her aching arms
We wine, she lashes out a bit of love
Our bottoms ache
We don’t wine anymore
We still keep persevering through that bridge
This woman guiding us forward
We’re terrified of her
We love her
She is our mother

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