My Place

January 23, 2010
My favorite road,
I don’t even know it’s name.
Every time I’m there, I take it.
Sunshines always there.
Music playing, always the same.
Windows down.
Wind in my hair.
I really don’t care.
I could cry, it’s so amazing.
This is the one place I don’t mind.
The one place I don’t need to whine.
The only place that makes me wanna cry.
I feel free.
Like there’s no hidden competition.
Between friends like there is at home.
Nobody judges me there.
My friends complain when I talk about it.
They shouldn’t.
It’s my second home that I wish was my first.
I can remember every time that I go on that road.
The people feel there closer than the ones here.
They’re nicer.
More fun.
I don’t think I should be in this town.
I don’t want to say I want to move there.
That’s so selfish.
Just to go to get that “free” feeling.
I want to cry, every time I think of that place.
It made me so happy.
I remember everything I did there.
Everything here is a blur.
I can’t tell the days apart.
If I was there, I would have a life.
One that’s fit for me.

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