Never Meant To Be

January 23, 2010
By KottonKandyyy BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
KottonKandyyy BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
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I take one step back and take a look at the puzzle pieces of my life.
The pieces are everywhere,
I fiddle with the pieces, putting the puzzle together.
It's a picture of you
I smile, I always thought we were meant to be
I fiddle with the puzzle pieces left.
I put the pieces together,
It's a picture of me
I stare at the two puzzles,
One of you and one of me
I try to fit the puzzles together
The more I struggle, trying harder and harder to fit them together,
I notice something.
The look in your eyes,
It's cold and distant.
Just like the cold breeze that whispers 'never meant to be'

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