One Last Time

January 23, 2010
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Taking my un stable steps to the front door,
i think of every detail that went on tonight,
there is nothing i can remeber clearly.
Sure, you think it's a fun time, going out partying with your friends
but in fact, it holds a dark grudge against you
As i try and open up my door i miss about ten times before i can actaully get in to
my safe home,
i think of people making mistakes and me following the wrong path
this is not the life for me i thought to myself
When i stumble up the stairs
all i can hear is
people yelling, and crying for help
everyone knew noone was going to get help
i reach my bathroom and look in the mirror only to be shocked by the reflection
staring back at me.
Scratches and bruises fill up my face,
i remeber it was a simple friday night as usual
but after being drugged and reaching the limit, i blacked out
The front door opens and slams shut behind me,
for all i know, he is coming back for me.
one last time..

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