Believing You

January 23, 2010
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The scent lingers on me,
as i try to erase all the memories of you.
Beautiful lies, is what i used to believe
now all i believe in is getting away from you,
stop trying to communicate-there's nothing i want from you
as the wind picked up and brushed all my faded photos away
i finally realized that this was the end
it was over and i didn't need you in my life anymore
picutres flew everywhere in the dark sky
tears are rolling down my cold cheek
You said we'd be together,
now that was a beautiful lie,
nothing you did was beautiful though,
except the words that came out of your mouth
you did nothing but hurt and kill
it still seems like you are a part of me
holding the last worn out picture
i decided to keep it,
just in case,
i decided to believe you again

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