Il Mio Bel Foco

January 23, 2010
"Love me..." she begged, her clothes tattered from the pain she caused herself.

"Need me!" She practically cried her own river, lifting her head so she wouldn't drown in her own tears.

She tried to sing, but nothing came out, no hope, nothing.

She tried to write, but no hope splashed from her pen onto the page.

Words ringing in her head, the venom spatting, seeping into her every thought.

Using the pain of the words to inflict it on her skin. Whatever she could find...broken glass, tattered rope, pins, needles, even letting bullets graze her skin.

She would try to cry out in pain, but all that would escape were the two same sentences. "Love me...Need me."

Those two sentences, and those alone....coming out as nothing more than a faint whisper.

The madness of the words made her want to or die.

Whichever came first she thought to herself.

Finally the day came......

She was tired of all the pain.

"Il mio bel foco...." she sang, a smile coming across her face.

"Il mio bel joyful ador." she sang again, before saying the translations.

She laughed as she slowly started to die. Adding onto the song....

"Quella fiamma che mac' cen de...." was her last song.....her last words.....her last breath...

'I my heart, the flames that burn me....'

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sparkofheart said...
May 13, 2010 at 6:50 pm
wow....really good..and sad....but amazing great job
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