Path of Thorns

January 23, 2010
By nlabeasteh BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
nlabeasteh BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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Move on through the path of thorns
Can’t stop now, you’re almost there
The heart beats like African festivals
Sounds seep through the wall that slowly crumbles down
As the wind blows and your mind sets.
Like a ravenous tiger, you run fiercely
Saliva trickling down your chin
Chasing after your prey
You see it, you grasp it into your blood-covered hands
Look into the eyes of the unattainable
And you realize you’re staring face to face with the mirror image of yourself
You stare at it, as you let the wind breeze past you
Far away it goes
You look around
But nothing is in sight
Loneliness lathers over you
The smell of serenity turns into the smell of dirt
And you’re left with nothing
So you make your mark and leave this place
Back running through the path of thorns

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