January 20, 2010
By Anonymous

I walk the streets of what was once my hood,
In the back grounds I hear it,
Though no one else can,
Each house, car, and corner fill my ears,
They speak to me,
Each sound playing to the beat of my foot-steps,
I can hear them,
The people from my past,
The squabbles between Halen and her cheating boyfriend,
The sound of children running after an ice cream truck,
Then...the sirens, the fear, the blood, and the tears,
Memories of a fallen friend makes my heart sink,
Recollections of that night fill my heart with hate,
I walk to the spot I know all too well,
Teary-eyed I lay a flower down on that cold spot,
I went for closure,
But left with sadness, hate, and questions.

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