Addicted to My Obsession

January 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Are they lies or only an obsession?
He wants what he can't have
I want what I don't need
Are his words--which are carefully crafted from his beautiful pink lips and stained on my befuddled heart--meaningful? Worthy of being trusted? Or am I obsessed?
Choosing to believe a lie that is away many miles--only because I am addicted to him
His voice. His laugh. His smile
His words. His heart. His ways.
He captures me--seduces me
And I'm stuck, trapped.
Is his love just a lie
Or am I obsessed?

One day he's pushing me around in the dirt

I'm hurt
His apologies are smooth and seductive
And that baby face smile gets me all the time

Why do I stick around?
There must be something I want...
Something I want, but don't need
Something I want, but can't have...

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