January 13, 2010
By Anonymous

A warm summer night

your presence near
you came over, just as usual.
but this night
you took away the only thing I had
that held my dignity as one.
used it
for your own good
you used it against me.
i led you to the room where
our secret
would never escape.
you smiled, anxious,
taking my hand.
an overwhelming force
pulsing through my veins

before i knew it, i was taken over.
flesh against flesh
you pressed hard against me,

my struggling, shaking body.
i could’ve stopped you
i should have,
but I didn’t.
something inside, halting my efforts
i ceased my strain and tension
closed my eyes, waiting

for it to end.
as you fastened your worn jeans,
you glanced my direction
streams of remorse gliding down,
you leaned and kissed me,
on my forehead
and left.
you called, but didn’t answer.
i knew what you wanted
you were my first real mistake,
you obliterated my innocence.

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