January 25, 2010
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One day my dad told me
that drinking was bad
So I started to get drunk
Every saturday.
It was amusing,
It was even great
Although my body wasn't feeling good
My eyes became red, as if I were in a swimming pool
drowning deeper and deeper.
And I got sick all the time.
But I didn't see it.
My parents didn't see t.
I felt plain
I felt I could be myself.
My morning wisky in the milk
Became as current as coffee.
And its quantity affected my day.
I became casual.
I became energized.
My friends seemed to appreciate it
Seemed to appreciate me.
I asked my mom for money.
I added more wisky days after days.
And I am ashamed of what I became.
I smelled like alcohol.
I couldn't run anymore because I always felt dizzy.
I couldn't follow the lessons because my eyes closed themselves.
I couldn't control myself anymore.
And one day, I didn't wake up.
I fell on the ground
And cried as much as I could

Nobody understood me
I couldn't remember when it started.
I was a ghost
listening to people talking about me.
I was a ghost filled with emptyness.
I was a ghost and I wanted to die.

Nobody came to see me anymore.
People were ashamed of me as much as I was ashamed of myself.
Then I saw a young woman drinking
And I remembered how it started.
And mostly how much I told myself,
It would never happen to me.

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Emilie F. said...
Feb. 3, 2010 at 3:24 pm
Oh God, that is intense. I have never experienced anything like that in my personal life, but I think it is what is so great about poetry, you can live what you would not experience in real life. Don't you think ? I don't know if this poem is about you, or someone you know, but I think it is very important to talk about this kind of subjet. And I am glad you did it with such talent ! :p
Does it take you long to write these poems ? Anyway, good job ! Keep going !
Powd3er said...
Feb. 3, 2010 at 11:29 am
This poem has great flow and insight.
I really enjoyed it.
Lovely poem darling =]
-Please check out the works that I have posted on here it would be highly appreciated and I think you would greatly enjoy them, Thankk youz-
XxIll tell you Im an orphan after you meet myy familyXx
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