January 25, 2010
By , Thornton, CO
I saw your picture today
And my heart

Just like it used to when
Dark eyes met

I am crying

I promised myself
I would not do this

But I am

My eyes are stinging still
With tears for you

My throat burns
I scream your name

Can you hear me?

I still remember the day
Our hands collided
Your hand was sweaty

I still see your secret smile
Across the room
For me

I still remember the time
We raced through the hall

Why did you leave
When you could have stayed?

Is it to late to tell you
That I love you

It has been seven months
And 27 days
Since I have seen you

Not like I was counting

I am mad at you now
I think I hate you

I think I love you too

The tugging inside gets worse
Every day

It forces more tears
Running down my cheeks
For you

Why didn’t you know that
I loved you?

I want to keep the picture
It can’t leave

Like you did

Will you come back?

Or is it too

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veggiegirl said...
Feb. 4, 2010 at 12:37 pm
This poem reminded me of myself thank you I was unable to put it to words and you did it for me thank you I feel better that someone else feels the same way I do.
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