Unknown Heroine II

January 25, 2010
By Keyakyo PLATINUM, Nortonville, Kansas
Keyakyo PLATINUM, Nortonville, Kansas
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How do you know,
What she’s gone through?
Do know for sure,
That this woman deserves the title she is said to bear?
Standing in front of the judge,
Her children by her side,
She looks defeated.
Seeing this look,
You might believe that she is an incompetent parent,
As her husband claims.
How wrong that assumption is!
She is one of the most competent!
But she is incapable of dressing herself!
Look at what she’s wearing!
A long skirt and a sweatshirt?
It’s summer, is it not?
And her makeup looks awful.
There’s too much in some places,
Barely any in others.
If she can’t properly dress herself,
How will she be a stable parent to two young children?
May well be your opinion after taking in all this.
But you don’t know her secret,
You can’t understand what she hides.
She is not only an able,
But a notable mother!
If she can only gather the courage,
To show the evidence,
The judge has just asked her for,
The proof of her horrid story.
Her little boy grabs her hand as she hesitates,
His pleading eyes give her strength,
So using her free hand,
She pulls up her sleeve,
And one by one the horrors are revealed.
The bruises and cuts he left on her,
Stand out in stark contrast against her pale skin,
Demanding retribution,
Which the judge shall certainly grant her.
So join me now,
In standing ovation,
For this heroine unknown,
She has battled many demons,
Yet in this fight for freedom,
Though unknown to her,
She was never truly alone,
For many other women have also suffered in silence.
But now the gates of her own personal Hell have been closed,
And here her family stands,
Safe from harm,

The author's comments:
Inspired by the sacrifice made for me by someone I love dearly.

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