Too Much

January 27, 2010
By AStormIsBrewing GOLD, Pickerington, Ohio
AStormIsBrewing GOLD, Pickerington, Ohio
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Too much
Too much,
Too much,
And I don’t want to get up in the morning.
I study all night
To what?
To not want to get up in the morning?
To not want to go to class?
I don’t want
Don’t need
To deal with all this now
To be alone
First time in months
So that’s the problem with getting friends
When they leave
What do you do?
More than you already do?
That’s what I’m here for –
To live, not secondary to learning
Because that’s what I’m learning for
But now the thought of walking out again walks across my mind

I pull
(the sheets off my bed)
I tap
(madly at a keyboard)
I participate
(in a minor teenage rebellion)
(one that will no doubt be squashed by the agents of change)
(a useless rebellion waved aside by the powers that be)
Why doesn’t anyone listen to me?
Am I talking loud enough?
Or am I talking at all?
They need to hear me, see me
They need to understand that there’s a concern
We want to learn
We want to participate
We listen
We speak
We write
We are ignored
We are barred
We are shunned
We are

What are we anymore?
I’ve never felt so much like dogfood

(It is a machine we’re being fed to)
So much like a child

(But that’s not what I am)
Believing so little

(During a revival of faith)
People aren’t dog food

Every child should be heard out

There is nothing that shows more faith than a question.

The author's comments:
I got mad. Things kept piling up.

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