January 25, 2010
By Anonymous

BOYS! (in the bedroom watching TV and talking on the phone) You and your obsession with basketball! (roll eyes) What team is this anyway? “The Lakers..” – That’s nice. OH, LOOK, did--- Did he get hurt? Oh, never mind he’s fine. (rolls over on stomach) Joe, I think I’ve got enough of this basketball thing in my system, maybe I can finally tell you what’s going on in my heart right now. (scratches head, and pauses for a minute) Actually no, this might not be the best conversation To have today.. But if what I’m about to say scares you away, You’re not going to leave or say you just don’t need a serious relationship.. Are you? (stretches) oh—you want to know now? Okay, what I’m trying to say is.. Well, I’m trying to say? Uhh, we have had a good couple of months together. Almost five? Yeah, five months already. (smiles and pulls at her necklace) Four months and 26 days actually. Well, things started out kinda – bumpy. And now that we are headed in the same direction, it feels like were traveling on two different paths you know? (sits up) WHAT!!! NO I’m not breaking up with you? Believe me?—okay good. (lays back down and relaxes) But really, where are we headed? I feel like im ready to be more serious than we are now. And I’m not afraid to be drowned with commitment, I know you’d Rather spend your time out at parties, sure its fun to bounce around club to club but it gets pretty pointless after a while. So, that’s why I think—oh gosh, hold on moms calling! --- Okay, I’m back.. Anyways, that’s why I think we should—hold on again!! (clicks over on the phone, then clicks back) Okay, I’m back, well here it goes.. I think that we should actually make this official to everyone, because well I uhhh- I love—I love you and I know that I want to be with you forever… Really? You think that too? (smiles) I’m glad we are on the same page.. Ohhh, you don’t want to just yet? Well, why?? Is something wrong?? Oh, you just aren’t ready to give up the freedom that you have now.. Well, okay then. I’m gonna get off here. I think my dads yelling for me. Ohh, okay.. yeah I’ll call you later, bye.. (runs to another room, comes back and dials his number again) Hey again sweetie, you thought about what I said? Really?! And.. You told your parents that you loved me (smile) Awww, that’s sweet. Ohh- you were just kidding. (frown) What’s that suppose to mean? What?! You don’t want a girlfriend right now? Seriously!? Or is this another joke? NO! Its not--? But what did I do? You want space? HAAAA, okay I’ll give you space. BYEE! (hangs up)

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