Little Boy

January 24, 2010
By sboyd8 BRONZE, San Diego, California
sboyd8 BRONZE, San Diego, California
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I was maybe five or six
On a baseball team
Standing out on second base
My mind full of hopes and dreams.
A little boy stood nearby,
He looked at me so funny.
I couldn’t help but wonder
‘Is there something on my face?’
Then he shouted,
“Hey you, you’re a girl what are you doing here?”
Looking around I just couldn’t comprehend
What I had done
That made that little boy say those words to me
But soon I had noticed I was the only girl.
It wasn’t till that day that I learned what sexism meant
And everyday after that,
You would never believe
All the horrible things that were said
And all their faces so mean.
I was just a little girl,
My heart full of hopes and dreams.
Yet I want to thank them all
For making me so strong,
If it wasn’t for that little boy
I’d be living a different dream.

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