I look in your eyes and i see you smile

January 24, 2010
By Olena BRONZE, Newport, Oregon
Olena BRONZE, Newport, Oregon
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"when life give you 100 reasons to cry you give life 1000 reasons to smile"

I look in your eyes and I see u smile
I look in your soul and see we think the same
Looking so good and being so nice I cant resist my feelings
The days pass and I wish I could tell u how I feel
But I’m afraid because your four years older and if I do are friendship will be different
But then things happen and we cuddle till four and your feeling for me grow
Silence I keep for its not quite time to tell the tale of my love
Few days pass and we talk late for a week straight
I begin to trust you and tell u many things no one knows
You begin to trust me with things too
No secrets kept between us
No more never minds said
Then out of no where
Our feelings grow alike and we come close
Secretive this has to be but me and you where meant to be
Four years difference looks bad to them
But love holds us close
We wait and wait for the day to come till we can meet and have that kiss
It comes one night and we kiss many times and love binds us
I say goodbye with a kiss on the lips and go in to my room
I think of you all night long and can’t wait till that night comes again

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