tears and dreams to soar with.

January 24, 2010
As I walk down the corridor

Afraid, unsure, with trembling limbs
They laugh from behind glassy doors

My arms are like limp, broken wings

I'm not a vast Mother of Earth

But I have dreams to soar with
I'm rather small, not tall at all, perhaps maybe since birth

Despite these facts my thoughts are immense- for what it's worth

My hands curl up like little boulders

I clench my toes within my shoes
I take a glance over my rigid shoulder

They're immensely tall, like mountains lining a sky of blue

They called it a school, but I called it hell

I ignore them, promise myself that I won't cry
They taunt me; they jeer and they yell

I close my eyes, sink out of my fright, and into my night dreams I soar high

I went to that school for about three years

I didn't know myself, they didn't know me
I often cried, my cheeks seemingly tattooed with tears

But now I know that I am free, for I'm the only me I can be.

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